It’s tough to forget your first hunt. The smell of the early morning air… the leaves rustling and twigs snapping as the forest wakes around you… that adrenaline pumping when you sight your target. But knowing that we’ll never have the same hunt twice is what brings us back to the woods year after year –reading deer and covering our tracks are learning curves for a lifetime. Bagging a trophy means keeping a low profile and finding out what works for you to do it. Start here with some trial and error:

  • GEAR. Masking your human scent goes a long way toward making you invisible to deer. Wash your clothes in scent-free detergents and dry them outside on a clothesline. Hunting gear made of scent-absorbing materials, like activated carbon, is also a solid option. Store your de-scented clothes in sealed bags or plastic containers until you’re on the trail.
  • SOAPS AND SPRAYS. Use a scent-free body wash that contains no perfumes or fragrances – products marketed specifically for hunters are available, but a standard fragrance-free soap gets the job done too. Go all out with scent-free shampoo, deodorant and even toothpaste if you’d like. Try a scent-control spray on each layer of clothing to help mask smells. Target your boots in particular – they’ll easily pick up odors and spread them through the woods during your walk to your stand or blind.
  • STAY SCENT-FREE. Don’t undo all your hard work. Get gas the night before so the smell stays off your hands and clothes. Make a quick-change into your stored, scent-free gear before you venture into the woods so your clothes don’t pick up odors from your truck.
  • COVERS. What will they think of next? Earth- and pine-scented cover sprays and wafers can mask human odors and give you extra cover in the woods. Drop the wafers right in your boots to cover your trail. Repel® Insect Repellent Hunter’s Formula with Earth Scent is a 25% DEET repellent that protects against ticks and mosquitoes and doubles as an earthy cover scent when you spray it on your clothing.

In the battle of man vs. nature, we believe the most crucial item in your arsenal is one that won’t actually help land you a trophy: your insect repellent. Ticks are plentiful and always ready for a meal during hunting season. Repel® products keep you covered with protection that’s tough enough for all of your outdoor adventures.