Skipping rocks on the water. A gorgeous sunset. Watching fireflies light up the evening. Life outside is just better – especially if we’re sharing it with family. Even the littlest adventurers can heed the call of the wild. Camping, hiking and floating are great ways to get the kids out of the house to experience firsthand all the things you love about exploring the world. Soak up some summer sun with a fun family outing designed to create memories – and a love for the great outdoors – to last a lifetime.

Camp Out

Get new campers used to the idea on their home turf. Pitch a tent in the backyard as a start – a trial run will give you a good idea about what kinds of things you might need to pack for kids on a real camping outing. Make sure you know long it will take to make camp with family in the equation. No one wants to be pitching a tent by flashlight with tired kids waiting nearby.

Blaze a Trail

Even hiking a well-worn trail feels like discovering uncharted territory to a kid. Pack plenty of water to help beat the heat, jackets for breezy days and comfortable shoes. If the kids need new hiking shoes for your trip, make sure they’re broken in before you leave. Keep snacks on hand to keep everybody moving, but don’t forget to take in the scenery.

Go With the Flow

Whether you’re canoeing, kayaking or just floating, exploring your local waterways is a cool way to get a new perspective on the countryside (and give you a bird’s-eye view of elusive wildlife). Eight to 10 miles of river per day is a leisurely pace for a family with kids (it will take four to five hours with a stop for lunch). Pack water-resistant shoes with rubber soles for everyone and bring or rent life jackets – generally, children under age 12 need flotation devices, but the age varies by state.

Don’t let biting bugs put a damper on the family fun – when you’re out on the water or deep in the woods, it’s especially important to use an insect repellent. Repel® brand has a range of repellents especially designed for the whole family to use in the great outdoors. Adventure is outside, and it’s just waiting for you to get your kids hooked.